The weather is getting colder, but the heated clothing market is getting hotter


Electric heated clothing is a kind of clothing that can generate heat and heat actively. Its principle is to connect the power supply, temperature control device, safety protection device and heating element through wires to form a circuit, and use the power supply to control the electric heating element inside the clothing to generate heat. In fact, as early as the 1940s, an electric heating clothing covering almost all the body has been developed; after entering the 21st century, more researchers have invested in the research and development of heated clothing, constantly promoting the development of heated clothing technology. In recent years, more and more clothing brands see the bright future of electric heating clothing market, and boldly invest in the heated clothing market. As an important part of intelligent wear field, heated clothing has great market potential. Especially affected by the trend of Winter Olympics, the traditional clothing industry has increased the investment in heated clothing, which has attracted more and more attention.


Lauren Ralph's design of the National Winter Games in 2018 attracted the attention of all countries. According to incomplete statistics, in 2018, 13 listed companies have tried heated products.


In autumn and winter of 2019, the heated clothing market is particularly dynamic. The sports brands like Anta, Li Ning and 361°; the leisure brands like Descente, K-boxing, Peacebird and Yalu; the Internet clothing brands like MI 90 Go and Fengmi have launched different types of heated coats according to their own product positioning. These heated clothes, with full sense of science and technology heating function, give users a comfortable heating experience, and in line with the fashion design of brand personality, once put into the market, it has obtained a warm response, so that the major brands have achieved remarkable results.

The intelligent manufacturing business department of Ali group, in conjunction with the top-level flow netred, has innovatively developed the intelligent heated pants, which can easily warm the abdomen with only one power bank, which is popular among girls: 30000 pieces have been sold in the market for just one day! In 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, BOCOG, the Ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of industry and information technology vigorously promote the intelligent electric heating clothing project, and actively promote the development of domestic electric heating technology. The Winter Olympic Games has brought great development opportunities for the intelligent wear industry. In addition, the intelligent heating products of clothing brands have been successfully tested, which enhances the confidence of garment enterprises in intelligent transformation. The market potential of intelligent electric heating clothing is gradually seen by more and more people. More and more enterprises will join the heated clothing market.


Autumn is coming, and winter is not far away. The weather is getting colder. With the improvement of living standards and the change of heat preservation demand, the light, warm and fashionable electric heated clothing will be more and more popular, and the electric heated clothing market will be more and more prosperous.

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