Heated base layer, keep you warm without wearing too much


The autumn wind is bleak, the weather is cool, the grass and trees shake off, the dew is frost. Today frost, the last solar term of autumn, it’s already late autumn, the winter is coming. The temperature continues to drop, while the "temperature" of the heated clothing market is rising. Eleheat heated base layer with its excellent heating performance, lightweight characteristics, become one of the most popular items in the market.


1. Intelligent heating, healthy and warm

Heated base layer, the design adds a soft heating pad, extremely fast heating, the heat is uniform, warm and comfortable. The heating pad is made of light fire-proof high-temperature material and is embedded in the fabric interlayer, which is safe and isolated from the skin, making the clothes safe and warm. The temperature can be adjusted by a simple one-touch button. In addition, the heating pad can release the far infrared ray which is beneficial to the health of the human body, can carry on the hot compress physical therapy to the human body, promote the blood circulation, accelerate the body metabolism, relieve the body pain, reduce the pressure, and improve the sleep quality.

2. Light and warm, soft and comfortable.

The fabric of the heated base layer is soft and close to the skin, antibacterial and hygroscopic. The heating pad can provide heat and keep warm actively. It is very warm and comfortable to wear. The air permeability of electric thermal underwear is also very strong. It will not feel hot and sticky on the body. It will be cool and comfortable all day.

3. Slim fit, elegant looking

It is cut in 3D to fit the body curve. The fabric is elastic and can be easily pulled and folded without deformation. The elastic waist is easy to put on and off and comfortable to wear. As soon as you put on the heated base layer, you can show the S-shaped curve. It will not be overstaffed, nor will it feel tight. It is very comfortable. In winter, wear heated base laler, and then put on the coat, light and warm perfect combination, temperature and style to achieve unity.


It is cold in winter, and it seems bloated and fat to wear much, and it is not convenient to move, and it is not warm enough to wear less. But for heated base layer, these are not problems. The heated base layer adopts 5v to 11.1v heating system power by portable lithium battery, much lower than the safety voltage of human body continuous contact of 24 V, which is very safe to people. Remove the battery can be assured of washing, convenient and practical. Prepare some heated base layer quickly, keep warm with light clothes, make you spend a beautiful and elegant Winter!

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