Is the heated vest harmful to health?


Winter is coming. I want to buy aheated vest. Is it harmful to my health?

Because of not having knowledge of new creation, people will instinctively doubt or distrust them. Although the electric heated vest is not a new creation, it is a new thing for people who have never come into contact with it. Moreover, the heated vest is related to electricity, In addition, some incorrect remarks demonize the heated vest, which makes people very vigilant and even misunderstand the heated vest and all the heated clothing.


In fact, the heated vest adds a heating pad to the ordinary vest, which generates heat due to the thermal effect of current through an external power supply to actively heat the body. The power used is just like portable lithium battery that can be seen everywhere in life. The heating pad, as the main heating element, is a sheet-like flexible fabric containing heating wires, which is very soft, skin-friendly and safe.


Will the heated vest make people feel dry? Dry here means dry skin, dry mouth, dry throat, nosebleeds, etc. The heating principle of a heating vest is different from that of a general heater, so it will not cause symptoms such as dry skin. Moreover, the temperature of the heating vest is generally 40℃ to 55℃, and 3 heat settings can be adjusted, so that the temperature can be freely adjusted according to the environmental temperature and the comfort level required by oneself, so as to keep the body warm and comfortable. If symptoms such as dry skin occur, it is likely that the air is dry in winter.

Will there be radiation in the heated vest? When it comes to radiation, everyone is afraid to avoid it. But not all radiation is harmful. The heated vest generates heat and releases far infrared heat radiation, which is beneficial to promoting blood circulation, it’s beneficial to human body.


The heated vest is powered by batteries, which can actively heat. The temperature can be controlled and adjusted by people. It is warmer and more convenient than ordinary vests. With the heating vest, it can be warm in winter without being wrapped as a "big bear". Affected by La Nina phenomenon, this winter will be colder than in previous years, so it will be more reassuring to have a heated vest at home. However, these heated clothes, such as heated vests and heated coats, are related to batteries and other electronics after all, so special attention should be paid to identifying the quality and purchasing heated products with good quality.

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