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EH-G-006 Thermal Touch Heat Smart Gloves

Material: Polyester;

Battery: 1400mAh *2;

Heating Areas: Fingers and back of the hand;

LED Controller with 3 Heating Settings: High, medium, low;

Size: One size fits all;

Customization: Material, color, size, voltage, power, battery specifications, heating area, etc. all can be customized. Welcome to consult!


Electric Heated Gloves (Sports / Riding / Casual)

The electrically-heated glove is very easy to operate. Just press the open button, you can heat heating, within 3 minutes can reach the maximum temperature. Heated gloves have 3 levels of temperature that can be adjusted. They can be intelligent temperature control, intelligent constant temperature, warm and convenient, and practical.

Electric heated gloves are made of breathable, wear-resistant, flexible, windproof, and waterproof; soft and comfortable fleece lining, cold and warm. The fingers of the gloves and touch screen design, without taking off the gloves can easily operate the phone, very convenient.  Electric heated gloves are generally equipped with velcro at the wrist, freely adjustable size, to prevent the entry of cold wind.

Tags Of Electric Heated Gloves

  • Outdoor Heating Apparel

  • Motorcycle Bicycle Heating Apparel

  • Casual Heating Apparel

ELEHEAT is one of the exceptional smart clothing manufacturers with certification. We design smart apparel to keep you cozy whether you travel, work, or play.
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Building 3, 305 Kangle South Road, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China