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EH-G-008 Battery Heat Gloves For Men And Women

Material: Polyester, PU fabric, Velvet;

Battery: 1400mAh *2;

Heating Areas: Fingers and back of the hand;

LED Controller with 3 Heating Settings: High, medium, low;

Size: S/M/L/XL/XXL;

Customization: Material, color, size, voltage, power, battery specifications, heating area, etc. all can be customized. Welcome to consult!


EH-G-008 Battery Heat Gloves (Sports / Riding)

The cold of winter often reduces our willingness to go outside and reduces the amount of time we spend outdoors. Electric heated gloves provide warmth to the hands with continuous heating and are also wind and water-resistant, keeping your hands warm all around. Whether you want to relax outdoors, play outdoor sports, or must work outdoors in the cold, you can't afford to be without a pair of electrically heated gloves.

Electrically heated gloves are battery-powered and heat up quickly, reaching maximum temperature within 3 minutes. The heating temperature of the electrically heated gloves is 40℃~60℃. They have three adjustable temperature levels, which can be adjusted as needed. The gloves have a large battery capacity and long life, providing 5-6 hours of continuous warmth.

Tags Of EH-G-008 Battery Heat Gloves

  • Outdoor Heating Apparel

  • Motorcycle Bicycle Heating Apparel

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Building 3, 305 Kangle South Road, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China