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Heated belt is really good, and it can be used in all seasons. The heated belt is comfortable to wear, 360 degrees around the waist, the elasticity can be freely adjusted, and it has a good protection effect on the spinal waist. The most important thing is that the physiotherapy belt heats up quickly, the heat is even and stable, and the physiotherapy effect is good.

Different Types of Heated Belt

Features Of Heated Belts

Features Of Heated Belts

How To Use Heated Belt?

1. Wrap the heated belt around your waist and adjust the size to fit your waist.

2. Take out the battery and the connecting cable, connect them to each other and put the small battery into the small pocket at the front of the belt

3. Turn on the power via the button and heat at the button.

4. When the heated belt starts to heat up, you can adjust it to the highest gear first to heat up quickly and then to a comfortable temperature according to your needs.

Healthy Benefits Of Heated Belt

  • The heated waist belt heats up quickly and stays warm.

  • The 3 adjustable temperature levels and heating time of up to 8 hours.

  • It emits far-infrared light waves when heated, providing very comfortable heat therapy for back pain, muscle aches and pains, spasm relief, and injury recovery.

  • The belt can also be used on the abdomen to relieve stomach discomfort or menstrual pain.

  • It improves blood circulation, relieves muscle fatigue, activates cells to boost metabolism, and increases the body's resistance to disease.

  • The heated waist belt is adjustable and it tightens and fits securely around any shoulder, neck, wrist, elbow, ankle, knee, or wrist.

  • The heated waist belt is both warm and health-friendly and can be used by both men and women in all seasons.

Heated Belt FAQs

How long do you keep a heating wrap on your knee?


15 to 20 minutes for each time. It will help to relax your muscles and release the knee pain.

Are Heating belts good for health?


Besides being effective in back pain, this belt is even considered good for a sprain, muscle pull, joint pain and even menstrual cramps

Is heating belt good for back pain?


The back heating pad to protect heat loss, heat belt type design is easy to use and comes with three temperature settings. The orthopaedic back pain belt is very effective for people with severe back pain and old patients who have less resistance to cold.

Is a heating wrap good for knees?


If you are suffering from joint tightness and stiffness, heating wrap for knee can help relax these away. Make sure that there is no swelling before you begin to use heat on your knee.

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