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The heated shawl is powered by battery and uses far-infrared metal fiber as the heating raw material. The heated shawl has three adjustable temperatures, easy to use, safe and environmentally friendly, energy efficient, rapid heating, multi-purpose, and long life. It is suitable for people who work for a long time in the cold season and has a very good warmth and health care effect.

Different Types of Heated Shawl

Features Of Heated Shawl

Features Of Heated Shawl

Advantages Of heated Shawl

Heat Efficient

The high-quality heating film, rapid and uniform heating. One key heating, warm and comfortable.

Far-infrared Physical Therapy

When heating, can release beneficial to human health far-infrared light waves, hot physiotherapy, relieve pain.

Simple Operation

Easy to wear, three levels of temperature regulation, intelligent temperature control, intelligent constant temperature.

Ergonomic Design

The use of elastic and breathable fabric, not tight strangulation is not easy to slip, wear comfortable, easy, and free movement.

Safety of Use

5V low voltage, set overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit protection, and other multiple protection, all-around protection of the user's safety. The device is safe to use.

Long Life Span

A small battery, lightweight, large capacity, can work for a long time, very durable.

Healthy Benefits Of heated Shawl

The heated physiotherapy shawl is powered by a DC low voltage power adapter and uses far-infrared metal fibers as the heating raw material, which does not produce electromagnetic radiation to the human body and does not produce a dry and hot feeling, making people feel warm and comfortable.

A cold shoulder can easily cause frozen shoulder and shoulder pain. The heated shawl can keep your shoulders and elbows warm, relieving the soreness and fatigue of your shoulders and elbow joints and promoting blood circulation, making your body healthier.

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Building 3, 305 Kangle South Road, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China