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Heated underwear, designed to add a soft heating piece, extremely fast heating, heating to the highest temperature in just 2 minutes, the heat is uniformly warm and comfortable. Heated underwear with high, medium, and low temperatures can be switched, very convenient.

Different Types of Heated Underwear

Features Of Heated Underwear

Features Of Heated Underwear

Electric Heated Underwear Reviews

Product Consulted: Heated Underwear

Our Northeast region is very cold in winter, so warm products are in great demand. ELEHEAT is a trustworthy manufacturer of heated clothing with complete test reports and certification certificates. Our customers also report that the electric heated underwear is of good quality, safe and very good to wear. The last order placed with ELEHEAT for heated underwear sold out very quickly. This time, we went ahead and placed a larger order.

A Customer (From Heilongjiang, China)
Product Inquired: Heated Underwear, Heated Vests

We mainly wanted to buy a batch of heated underwear and waistcoats. After in-depth communication, we were also interested in products such as heated jackets and heated socks. I had very strict requirements for the products, but ELEHEAT delivered. Thank you ELEHEAT for your patience and attentiveness and for providing us with good service.

A Client In Turkey

How Does Heated Underwear Good For Health?

Heated underwear is perfect for those who want to keep warm but don't want to wear thick clothes. Wearing a set of battery operated thermal underwear as a base layer in winter is warm and comfortable. As a base layer, heated underwear is suitable for a wide range of people, especially those who need to work and play sports outdoors in the cold, such as building construction workers, motorbike riders, skiers, hunters, etc.

Winter athletes have to perform in cold temperatures, but when the body is cold it tends to be slow, sensitive and tight, which can give the feeling of being uncoordinated. Keeping warm is one thing, but heating the body will help you perform at your best.  Keep warm and:

  • Increase Overall Performance

  • Increase Muscle Efficiency

  • Increase Flexibility and Range of Motion

  • Decrease Stiffness

  • Decrease Sensitivity

  • Decrease Likelihood of Injury or Soreness

  • Decrease Recovery Time

How Does Heated Underwear Good For Health?

Multi-Gear Adjustment Of Heated Underwear


  • RED HEIGHT HEAT  (60℃)


  • BLUE LOW HEAT  (40℃)

ELEHEAT is one of the exceptional smart clothing manufacturers with certification. We design smart apparel to keep you cozy whether you travel, work, or play.
Room 2101-2102, Building F1, Tian An Cyber Park, Nancheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
Room 2101-2102, Building F1, Tian An Cyber Park, Nancheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province