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R&D Background and Understanding of Electric Heated Wear

Ⅰ. R&D background of electric heated wear

1. Development promotion

With the rapid development of science and technology, people's concept of clothing has also changed. Clothing is no longer limited to the basic functions of concealing shame and beautification, and has gradually begun to move towards technology and intelligence.

At the same time, human beings are involved in more and more fields, and the conditions of contact with nature and man-made are more severe and diverse, and people's pursuit of clothing functionality, comfort and safety is also increasing. Electric heated wear should be born in time.

Electric heated wear can add functions such as music, positioning, and health data management according to needs, but the heating function is more mature.

2. Warmth needs

In the twelfth lunar month of winter, many special types of work have to face low temperature and severe cold work, such as freezer workers, traffic coordinators, security guards, drivers driving motor vehicles, troops at border posts, military police and field explorers, polar regions Surveyors, divers, etc., they all face the same problem - keep warm from the cold. The clothing itself does not generate heat, and the electric heated wear can continuously "warm up" the human body, keeping people warm all the time. Therefore, it is extremely important to develop an electric heated suit that can automatically provide a heat source.

However, whether the thermal performance of the electric heating suit will make the human body feel uncomfortable and whether it is consistent with the principles of human physiological hygiene is a problem that people care about, which leads to the problem of the thermal performance of the electric heating suit.

Ⅱ. What is electric heated wear?

1. Electric heated wear

Electric heated wear is a general term for clothing that is composed of clothing main body, heating element, power supply, temperature control system, protection device, etc., which are connected into a circuit through wires, and the heating element is controlled by the power supply to generate heat.

Heating elements are very important to the composition of electric heated wear, and are usually placed on some sensitive parts of the human body such as the chest, back, waist, and abdomen. When working, first heat the important parts of the body to keep warm, and then distribute the heat to the whole body.

2. Heating materials for electric heated wear

There are three main types of heating materials for electric heated wear, namely: metal heating materials, carbon fiber heating materials and electric heating films. At present, the most used ones are electric heating wires or carbon fiber heating wires.

In addition, there are heating cloths made of conductive rubber, graphite, carbon polymer, etc. as electric heating elements. The power supply is used to supply power to the electric heated wear, and generally adopts a safe voltage below 12 V.

3. Temperature control system for electric heated wear

The temperature control system uses sensors to detect changes in the temperature of the human skin or under clothing to automatically control whether the heating element is running. The protection device is to automatically turn off the power supply when the circuit in the electric heating suit fails suddenly, so as to protect personal safety.

The advantage of electric heated wear is that it can control the temperature, it can heat specific parts of the clothing at fixed points, the performance is relatively stable, and it can be reused; the disadvantage is that the battery is difficult to handle, the battery is too large and it is inconvenient to carry, and the portable battery capacity is small and cannot maintain the heating time for a long time.

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