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Riding in cold weather is not suitable for everyone, but those who really love riding will overcome the low temperature, face up to the cold and harsh environment, and enjoy the speed and passion brought by riding. Cold or unseasonable weather is the norm on cycling trips. When riding in cold weather, the gear you wear can have a big impact on your performance, safety, and ultimately, your enjoyment. Today, we'll take you through six essential pieces of motorcycle riding equipment that will allow you to better enjoy your ride even in cold weather.

Heated Jacket

The battery powered warm jacket is a must-have item for winter clothing, and every winter, everyone's closet is always full of warm coats. But in the face of extremely cold weather, the warmth of ordinary coats is always not very good, wear too many pieces or too thick, and look very bloated, heavy. Heated jackets, heat to provide heat to keep warm, there are 3 levels of temperature that can be adjusted, heat temperature of 45 ~ 65 ℃, can easily cope with the cold environment. Heating areas of the heated jacket are in the front chest and a large area of the back heat. It’s windproof and waterproof so that on the ride, you do not have to fear the cold wind, can effectively resist the cold, keep the body warm.

Heated Vest

A heated vest is a very versatile heated clothing in warm winter clothes, and both inside and outside wear is suitable. When the weather is colder, you can wear heat insulation inside and a windproof jacket outside, which is also very warm. When the temperature rises, you can stop the heating function of the heated undershirt and wear it as a normal undershirt. If you don't have plans to ride for a while, you can also wear a heated vest during your leisure time. The heated vest is very practical, can cope with changing weather temperatures, but is also suitable for a variety of occasions, well worth having.

Heated Base Layer

Electric thermal base layer heated clothing, very light, skin-friendly and close to the body, breathable, good elasticity, and great warmth. Lightweight, comfortable electric thermal underwear allows you to easily get the warmth you need for your upper body and legs without the bulkiness of over-layered clothing. The heated vest can make the body feel the appropriate warmth during the heating and warmth. Keeping warm for a long time enables one to have more time to enjoy the cycling trip.

Heated Gloves

In winter, when the wind howls and the cold stings, riding without gloves can be more of a torture than a pleasure. A riding trip can never be missing gloves, especially electrical heated gloves. Keep your hands warm and keep them flexible to have better control of your motorcycle. Heated gloves, giving hands continuous heating to keep them warm, keeping the cold and freezing away, and making the ride safer.

Heated Socks

In winter, whether riding or walking on the road, cold feet always make people feel uncomfortable. For cycling, feet that are frozen cold and stiff, sluggish and numb, will not only greatly reduce the joy of riding, but will also pose a great safety hazard. Therefore, it is highly recommended that cyclists wear heated socks to keep their feet warm. Heated socks actively heat up and provide extra warmth to the feet, keeping them warm and flexible.

Heated Shoes

Electrically heated shoes are functional shoes that can convert electrical energy into heat, powered by a small battery inside the shoe to produce heat for heating. The temperature of heated shoes is between 40℃~60℃. The electric heating shoes are good at keeping warm, and also have the functions of increasing temperature, deodorizing, moisture-proof, antibacterial, and health care. The heated shoe style is trendy, fashionable, using high-quality suede cowhide. The sole is a special double-density PU outsole, with good cushioning, wear resistance, non-slip.

Cold, changeable weather is an inevitable challenge on a cycling journey. The cycling equipment worn by cyclists will be a good measure to deal with bad weather conditions. Intelligent heated apparel, active heating, and warmth, windproof and waterproof, can keep riders comfortable, warm, and free from wet and cold, making the cyclist's riding trip more relaxed and enjoyable.

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