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The Significance of the Development of Electric Heated Wear

Electric heated wear is a new type of functional clothing that can heat and keep the body warm after connecting to a mobile power supply. It plays a very good role in keeping warm in daily life, winter sports and outdoor work. As a kind of thermal clothing, especially labor protective clothing, the development of electric heated wear is of great significance.

1. The advantages of electric heated wear

First of all, the electric heating suit breaks the traditional passive and passive heating method, and adopts the safety voltage of the human body to provide safety and cold protection for the traffic police, cold storage staff, motor vehicle drivers, deep-water divers, and battery car workers walking on the platform, minimizing frostbite events, and it is also very beneficial to prevent arthritis in workers in wet areas.

Secondly, as a combination product of the electronics industry and the clothing industry, electric heated wear can also be endowed with various high-tech functions while providing heat to realize the multi-functionality of one garment.

Thirdly, the reason why the current electric heated wear cannot be widely used is mainly due to the power supply problem. With the development of the electronic high-tech industry, the emergence of various large-capacity ultra-miniature batteries, such as nano batteries and solar cells, will promote the development of electric heated wear in the field of cold clothing.

Finally, the research and development of electric heating also laid the foundation for the research of other thermal clothing, and played a role in promoting the development and improvement of cold protection clothing.

2. The significance of electric heated wear

As labor protective clothing in the new century, electric heated wear is of great significance for the protection of human beings against cold and moisture. Through scientific and reasonable temperature control circuit and style combined with human body, as well as human body safety voltage and necessary electromagnetic shielding protection, it saves energy and power consumption to a minimum. Moreover, the human body is comfortable to wear, and the work efficiency can be greatly improved without adverse effects. The development of various directly tailorable conductive heating clothing materials provides a basis for the popularization and utilization of electric heating clothing.

Electric heated wear provides safe and reliable cold protection for outdoor workers who cannot use heating facilities such as air conditioners and electric heaters. While heating, continuously adding various functions to realize the high-tech of the cold-proof clothing industry, adding a reliable sense of psychological security to people with increasing protection awareness, so as to promote human beings to set foot in and advance to deeper and farther fields.

In short, with the enhancement of people's awareness of labor protection, electric heated wear, as a kind of heat-generating and cold-proof clothing, will play an important role in people's cold protection. The continuous improvement and multi-functionalization of electric heating clothing is very beneficial to promote the development of labor protection equipment industry. We hope that the electric heated wear industry will receive attention, and provide safe and convenient cold protection for various fields through the combination of clothing and high technology.

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