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What Are the Best Heated Vests on the Market?

ELEHEAT is a professional heating and cooling wearable manufacturer, we can provide professional heated vests of the highest quality on the market. Our heated vests have the following features:

1. The heated vest can be heated in multiple zones, active heating

Heating clothes have built-in heating sheets, and there are 5 heating areas, which are distributed on the front chest, abdomen, waist, abdomen and back of the clothes. The heated vest warms the entire body by heating important cold-averse parts of the body.

2. The heated vest is safe to use and can be washed with water

The heating technology of heating clothes is mature, and the temperature control device and protection device are designed to keep warm safely. Electric clothes can be washed, the battery needs to be removed before washing, and then the clothes are put into the laundry mesh bag.

3. The heated vest is windproof and waterproof, and has a long battery life

We choose fabrics according to the needs of customers, the heated vest is windproof, snowproof and waterproof. The battery of the heating suit adopts a large-capacity battery, which can be used for a long time, allowing you to stay outdoors for a long time.

4. Heating the vest for 3 seconds to heat quickly and evenly

The laundry heating efficiency is very high, 3 seconds to quickly heat up, and 5 minutes to reach the maximum temperature. The heated internal heat is evenly distributed, and the warming effect is obvious.

5. The heated vest can be intelligently temperature controlled and adjusted freely

The heated clothes have 3 temperature levels, namely high, medium and low. The temperature is around 45℃~65℃, which can be adjusted according to your own needs.

6. The quality of the heated vest is excellent

The clothing fabrics, heating pads, batteries, etc. of the heated clothing are of good quality. In addition, we offer a one-year warranty on garments so heated, the quality is guaranteed.

7. Common problems with heated vests

① How to clean the heated vest?

Before cleaning the electric heated vest, be sure to turn off the power, then remove the battery, put the USB plug back in the pocket and zip it. Gently hand wash in fresh water or machine wash the heated vest gently in a laundry bag.

② What if the heated vest does not turn on or work properly when fully charged?

Clean the ports on the battery. Reconnect the battery and restart the heating power button. If the heated vest still does not work, please contact us.

③ How to use the electric heated vest?

Charging: Use the supplied charger cord to fully charge the power bank of the electric heated vest.

Plug in: Connect the power bank to the USB plug of the heated vest.

Power on: Press and hold the one-touch button on the heated vest to turn on the power, and the temperature can be adjusted by the button.

④ Can I use my own battery to power the heated vest?

Yes, you can use your own battery. However, we prefer to recommend that you use the batteries that come with our thermal vests.

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